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How I Found The Best Septic Product

How I found the Best Septic Product

I have been a home owner for 22 years and recently have come across troubles with my septic system. What a hassle this is with the flooding in my drain field and the smell in my house! It’s like I neglected this septic system for years. This is my homes second septic system. I replaced the first one after living in the house for 6 years.

As l am a professional plumber l can do almost everything on my own.

My current system is 16 years old and I never want to go through that replacement process again. It cost me $12,000 to buy the system, $3,000 to install it and $5,000 to redo my landscaping.

Recently I have decided to be more attentive to my septic system and find proper treatment. I did my research. I was looking for basic things for treatment, cost and time. I wanted to restore the natural process as fast as possible and do it for the right price. I came across a leading product with the name Septicleanse.

This product was rated high and had numerous treatment options available. I wanted to find out more about the product so I called them and when I was done with Septicleanse customer service I understood why it was rated number 1 on most websites. To have a customer service rep take the time to understand your situation just makes you feel good buying the product. They also guarantee it will work. It was not a salesman pushing me to spend the most money; it was a representative of an honest company working with me to get the job done. Septicleanse provided me with a fantastic purchase experience.

When I got the product, I asked my wife and daughter to be present. I had them convinced we were doing some serious treatment. Simply flushing 1-2 packs down the busiest toilet and putting one physically inside the commode. I wanted to “shock” my system and jump start that natural process. After I did this I showed my wife and daughter how to follow up each month or continue restoring it if I was out of town when it needed to be done.

They were happy to know all they had to do was take a monthly maintenance packet and flush it down the toilet. My wife even tried it to make sure her sink would never backup on her, and she let it sit in warm water and then poured it down the drain. I was pleased to see everyone taking the time to treat our septic system.

Septicleanse really provided me with great service and followed up with an even better than expected product for my home. Thanks to Septicleanse, I will never have to pay thousands of dollars to repair my system or have to worry about ruining my wife’s garden and landscaping job.

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