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How To Choose Flooring For Your Home

How to choose flooring for your home

When starting home remodelling work, how to choose flooring for your home is very important. Montclair Painting has trustworthy workers and is managing for many years carpentry, painting, contracting, house restoration and renovation services in Montclair.Flooring is the part of the house that needs to be remodelled first of all after the completion of the renovation work and before the furniture and household items are added to the space, because changing it after all that procedure is quite difficult.

We all move in different places, without paying attention to their floors, unless one of them is so impressive that it catches our attention. There are a variety of materials on the market to choose from for the floor in a bathroom or home renovation, as long as our choice is correct. The factors for selecting the flooring material are many and must be carefully considered to select the most appropriate solution.

The weight of the floor

We must first consider whether the weight of the floor with its construction materials is proportional to the static capabilities of the house. In new constructions this is usually self-evident, but we must pay special attention to the renovations, especially if the building is old in Montclair painting.

The cost of purchase and construction

The cost of supply and construction is another criterion that will guide us in choosing the floor. Of course, we should not ignore the lifespan and maintenance cost of the floor, because these also affect their cost of supply. The floor should not require constant and expensive maintenance and at the same time should be easy and economical to clean.

The properties of the materials

The properties of the floor materials are another criterion in our choices. A floor must offer sound absorption, it must absorb the produced noises (sound insulation from noises), thermal insulation must prevent the transmission of temperature, low absorption,  it must not absorb the various liquids that may be poured on it. The floor should not be slippery, either in normal conditions or when it rains especially when it comes to wet areas. For example, in the bathroom or around the pool.

Durability over time

Wear resistance is an important criterion. Each space has different strength requirements. For example, if it is the investment of a staircase, through which dozens of visitors will pass daily, then the material chosen will have to be very resistant to mechanical stress. Conversely, if it is a floor in the bedroom of a house, the durability requirements are clearly lower.

Therefore, on the one hand, the use of the space and on the other hand, the resistance of the floor to wear, mechanical stress (walking of people, movement and blows from various objects, etc.), the chemical effects of detergents, acids, etc. should be taken into account, in time and in fire.

Aesthetic result

Still, you should take aesthetics into account along with the other criteria in Montclair painting. But you should never put it first for choosing a floor. It does not make sense, for example, to place a beautiful but delicate floor in a renovation when many people are passing by as the floor will soon appear damaged.

Flooring in various spaces

The floor behind the walls occupies the most square meters and is able to highlight or destroy the style of a space. In addition, it is a relatively permanent element of the space that does not change easily. That is why choosing a floor is a very serious decision. The market today has an incredible variety of materials and combinations. They range from the category of soft fibers such as fiber, cork and elastic floors, to very hard materials such as granite or marble.

At the same time, materials that in the past were considered unsuitable in certain areas of the home, many use them in various applications giving a special and distinctive character. The problems that arise in any renovation make their choice a rather difficult decision.

How to change your floor in Montclair Painting

We all know that changing the floor is a laborious and costly task. Normally, it requires demolition of the old floor and replacement with the new one. However, there are materials that are glued, easily and quickly, on the old floor. These are affordable solutions that will help you save the demolition of the old floor.

However, they have several disadvantages, mainly related to their durability. Such materials are the well-known laminate wood floors. Also, there are synthetic floors that are available in sheets or roller, carpets, tiles and any other material.

Laminate House Floor

Laminate flooring is the ideal solution for the renovation of your home or business space. It resembles a wooden floor in appearance, with the difference that it shines more. It is highly resistant to abrasion, shocks, does not absorb stains. Also, it is easy to clean and it doesn’t alter colors by sunlight. Gikas specially shapes the boards to fasten together giving a uniform result.

Wooden House Floor

It is directly related to the feeling of warmth in the space. Natural and vibrant material that gives a corresponding result during an ideal renovation. It absorbs moisture giving high levels of thermal insulation.  The treatment it has undergone as well as the paints protect it over time. This treatment, in order to reach its final form, is very small. Depending on its origin, production process and type of processing, is ecological.

Solid wood offers very good sound and heat insulation. You want a wooden floor that looks worn, old for a more traditional result? You must know that it has already been treated on its surface. So beware of the various toxic substances with which it probably has! Montclair Painting installs it and it is easy to clean.

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