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Swimwear 2022: Trends For The Ultimate Beach Look

Swimwear 2022: trends for the ultimate beach look

The summer of 2022 is approaching and with its arrival we will say goodbye to many of the swimwear trends (μαγιό) we were used to until now. On the other hand, however, it also marks the appearance of wonderful trends that we will not want to stop wearing.

Especially if you belong to the daring and love to experiment with your image, you will go crazy with the eccentric and “playful” designs that will dominate, such as the iridescent swimwears and the sets that can accompany you in both beach looks and appearances. off the beach.Continue reading below and get to know the trends in swimwear that will monopolize your interest this summer!

Glossy and iridescent tones

A few years ago neon and highlight shades were everywhere and especially in swimwear. This summer, the glossy and iridescent tones that will surely “steal” the show will take their place. For many of you it may not be the first choice but once you try them you will not be able to leave them. In case you want to make a difference, turn your attention to mermaid trends, as fashion gurus have called them, which in the sunlight will look even more wonderful.

Particular “cuts”

It was only a matter of time before the cutout trend gained a place in swimwear for the summer of 2022. We have seen it everywhere from dresses to pants with designers using them as the epitome of the new sexy. You will come across different versions of cutouts, from the most conservative – as much as they can be – to the more eccentric for the adventurous. For all of you who want to follow the trends to the letter, choose eccentric silhouettes, with asymmetrical straps, delicate details and metalic fabrics.

Triangles are a must

It’s time to dump her and move on. Are you looking for a way to create the freshest look and the one that will magnetize the eyes? We have the how to! All you have to do is take a bikini triangle and turn it upside down or invest in a trinagle head to toe. It may be something simple, which we have seen before but for this summer it is top. Do not ignore it.

Silhouettes from the 90’s

Chanel was the first to “witness” this trend during its Spring / Summer 2022 show. Discreet silhouettes, inspired by the ’90s have come to stay. With their basic element of minimalism, they will accompany you, wherever you choose to wear them, taking many forms. Prefer them on the beach with a pareo or shorts but do not hesitate to combine them with linen pants, shirt and slides for your afternoon walks on the island. The darker shades, such as dark & ​​navy blue and black will give you more flexibility.

All sets

If there is one rule you should not miss this summer, it is the co-rds. It will be good for your swimsuit to be in complete harmony with your cover-up, whether it is a pareo or a shirt or top. Wherever you choose to be, on the beach or in the pool, this matchy-matchy look will add extra points to your style and make you exude elegance.

The number one trend in swimwear in 2022: swimwear with laces
The laces have made a dynamic appearance this year and we see them both in sandals and in our favorite bikinis.

If you were used to swimsuits with laces on the side, this year you will probably review, since the absolute trend is swimsuits with laces in the middle!

Dare to adopt this particular trend, which is fresh and proves your love for fashion.

Emphasize print and texture: rip swimsuits and bold designs win impressions

When you hear print your mind goes straight to animal print, right?

Certainly leopard swimsuits are a top trend in 2022 – we do not leave them to the world to spoil! This year, however, the very colorful and intense prints are gaining ground.

Think 60s and 70s, , think tie-dye!

If you are a woman who prefers chic monochrome, then textures are the ideal trend for you.

Invest in a rip swimsuit to give an extra dose of style to your beach look and mix and match all your monochrome swimsuits.

Swimsuit set

Although we chose the laces as the top trend, the swimsuit-pareo sets are going up very dynamically!

Invest in a swimsuit set with a pareo and feel more comfortable than ever on the beach: from your arrival until the night that can find you having fun at the beach bar, a set with a pareo will definitely be useful.

Extra tip: A swimsuit set with a kaftan is also a super trend! The slides and the animal print will find a place in your beach bag.

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