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5 Reasons You Should Hire A Car In Santorini

5 Reasons You Should Hire a Car in Santorini

Extremely occasionally I travel to a place that looks as though I’ve stepped into a postcard. I walk off the plane, leave the airport terminal and also emerge into a destination that’s just as vivid as well as drop dead gorgeous as the shiny rectangle-shaped photos sold at airports as well as visitor shops. The island of Santorini happens to be among those postcard locations. For any person thinking about heading to Greece, or perhaps for those not thinking about it, I have one word for you: GO! Pack your bags, book  car rental Santorini and go. Why? Well, there’s this:

If that still hasn’t convinced you, right here are 5 factors you need to check out Santorini ASAP:

1. 360-Degree Views If for no other reason, Santorini has to be visited for its magnificent views. Tranquil, blue skies satisfy glowing white structures, that rest set down atop rough red planet bordered by apparently never-ending water and also unoccupied islands. Put simply, it’s fantastic. To top it off, if you make your method to the northern part of Santorini in the late afternoon, you’ll catch one of the most really remarkable sunset I’ve ever seen.

During my time on the island I remained at a family-run, reasonably-priced hotel in Oia Awakening at Hotel Lauda, I was welcomed with daily sights of the caldera– the island’s volcanic crater– and in the early morning, haze as well as mountains circled the caldera while cruise liner slowly made their method to their port. Observing this is a genuinely soothing experience and also is what makes the island so one-of-a-kind.

Food and local cuisine

2. Ridiculously Amazing Food and also Drinks Not to be surpassed by its surroundings, the food located in Santorini is quite stunning. I had a few noteworthy meals during my stay there, consisting of a tasty and breathtaking lunch at Skala, a splendidly fresh seafood supper at Taverna Katina in Ammoudi Bay as well as THE BEST (yes, I’m calling it) souvlaki at Kenzo Grill House, beside Perissa Beach. Past the food, Santorini has several wineries for all the winos to appreciate, along with a generous supply of the prominent Greek staple, ouzo. I admit ouzo was not quite for me, but I appreciated the numerous times as well as puts it was provided.

Appreciating a Greek glass of wine throughout sunset

3. Opportunities for Romance Okay, so I went to Santorini with my parents and realized that is not in any way romantic. Nonetheless, I saw romance around me… from the couples walking through the moonlit courses in Oia, to the resorts showcasing all the romantic possibilities available on the island. Picture this: you as well as your significant other in your caldera-facing collection, where you have your very own exterior hot tub, private terrace and sights that others only imagine. I’m not making this up, it actually exists.

Sunset in Oia in your rented Santorini car

4. Non-stop Adventure I also felt it crucial to note that Santorini is not just for couples. We saw families, solo travellers as well as groups of close friends out and about during our time there. Actually, the island is an excellent area to select almost any person and partake in a few of the a lot more adventurous tasks. It was an amazing experience to climb to the top of Nea Kameni and really feel the heat seeping out from the ground. After the walk, all of us reached cool off by going out on the water where we could swim in the chilly part of the sea. Others headed over to the warm springs (even more like warm springs, however still a cool experience).

Hiking on Nea Kameni

5. Warm-Hearted Atmosphere Last… but definitely not the very least! The environment during my stay in Santorini was cosy and also charitable. Primarily because of the people that reside on the island. It’s component of what makes Santorini so unique. From the sibling and also sibling duo that possesses our resort, to the friendly residents we fulfilled while wandering with Oia, Fira and various other parts of the island. There is such a friendly atmosphere that can just be made possible by its people.

So, I’ve given you 5 reasons why Santorini is so excellent. Currently it’s time for you to begin preparing. Good luck as well as pleased taking a trip! Take your Santorini car rental to avoid public transportation.

Extra tip

As you already know, public transportation sucks. If you have to take under the hot sun to take the bus to go to villages and beaches that are far away from where you are… then you may lose all the time and mood of the day. Hiring a car in Santorini is the most economic and helpful means of transport.

Book in advance and make use of the special offers Santorini Car Rental has. Choose the car that suits you best. There are so many Santorini cars available and you can make your car reservation through their website.

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