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Sex Tips And Advice For Muslims

Sex Tips and Advice for Muslims

Why Sex Tips and Advice for Muslims?

Firstly, let me say that I have started this blog to help people. I have heard complaints to the point of grievances, tips, perversions and so on and so on… I will be writing about some things here that frankly need to be said. For some more conservative readers, you might find it a bit risqué, others might find it tame.. I can promise you that the advice I offer will be in the best interests of the Um mah… Having said that – and making clear that my advice will attempt to follow Islamic guidelines – non Muslims are of course welcome too.

It is a general true that men do not face the same problems like women do, in sex issues, since they have the right to make paid love to an escort or escorts, and nobody will judge them.

Sex Issues

I will be tackling issues such as modern sexuality and pornography, sexual freedom and etiquette… But the real focus will be on the husband and wife, their issues, their likes and dislikes, their rights to pleasure and how to create a physical marital bliss. This will be aimed at men sometimes, women other times and mostly at the couple as partners.

We live in very confusing times and we have all been exposed (sometimes subliminally) to things that have moulded our ideas about sex. These effects, along with a whole host of other happenings have inspired this writer to deal with our modern circumstances… no matter how embarrassing it may be!

Muslim ideals in Sex and Sexuality

I will attempt to answer any questions and provide you with the tools to manage your sex life the way you would want it to be… Fulfilling, enjoyable, active and above all – moving you emotionally and spiritually closer to your spouse.

So what qualifies me?

Well I didn’t study sexual psychology formally – and to be honest, it doesn’t really merge with an Islamic perspective on sex..

I will say that I wasn’t born a Muslim. I lived as a non Muslim for most of my life. So I have experience – and being quite different, I paid very careful attention to what women like, what they respond to, how a couple can “get good” at this wonderful and varied gift.

I learned what men DON’T do, what they do but shouldn’t, what mistakes are made over and over again, from both sides.

Without giving away any more about myself, let’s get straight into it.. Is your sex life in need of help? An overhaul? A new start? Maybe just some advice or tips? Or like thousands – do you struggle to find a website about sex that is actually HALAL?

However, men usually visit women (escort or escorts) and pay for their services, but we women are not allowed to do so under any circumstances.

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