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Hunger Triggered By IPhone Case

Hunger Triggered by iPhone Case

It has been quite common to find any hilarious iPhone cases out there in the previous time. The developers are getting creative to create more and more variety of the case designs to gain the customers’ attention from time to time. Coming as a unique instance, the Japanese arm of Kentucky Fried Chicken delivers new fried chicken iPhone case which is intended to be a giveaway present and a part of promotion on Twitter.

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Even from the very first sight, the crowd will be pretty much impressed with the trigger of hunger as soon as they look at the appearance of the iPhone case. As a matter of fact, it is also an accurate option to get your iPhone handset becomes vividly visible in case you are losing a sight of the item.

KFC Japan has already produced fried chicken-shaped keyboard, mouse, and USB drive before, but they might not be enough to satisfy their goal. The exceptional accessory of iPhone 5S case is designed to appear looks like a big deep-fried drumstick. A seam near the top part is featured to insert the handset from the case. You receive the option of holding the case on the bone part of the drumstick.

On the other hand, KFC Japan does not seem to stop their innovative ideas as they promote one more item into the list of the exclusive products. They revealed that they made it into a success to design a big plush drumstick which can accommodate your sleepiness when you are in the office or anywhere else. It is guaranteed to bring the customers a power nap in the item even though the drumstick plush cannot cover the entire body. It is featured with particular hole to give space to the head and two smaller ones for the hands. The item is regarded to be similar to the Ostrich Pillow but the huge chicken plush will be more successful in getting more attention from the surrounding.

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